Police dashcam shows driver buzz officers in terrifying near-miss

Shakopee police released it to re-affirm the importance of the move-over law.
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If ever you needed a reminder to move over for emergency vehicles, this is it.

Dashcam footage released by the Shakopee Police Department shows a scary moment when a police squad car was buzzed by a high-speed driver.

The officers inside were carrying out a traffic stop on the shoulder and were approaching the vehicle from the right side for the very reason shown in the video.

As they neared the car, another driver blasted past, striking the squad car and missing the stopped car by mere inches.

"This. This is why we don't take chances," Shakopee PD wrote on Twitter. "We train our officers to approach vehicles from the passenger side when pulling vehicles over on busy roads. We want to go home to our families. Move over when you see flashing lights. It's the law."

Police eventually caught up with the offending driver in the parking lot of the nearby Little Six, with police finding that a part of the officers' squad car was lodged in the offender's vehicle.

He was arrested on several charges, including DUI.

Minnesota is home to the Ted Foss Move Over Law, which states that drivers must keep a full lane away from stopped emergency vehicles on roads of two or more lanes.

It was so named in honor of Minnesota State Trooper Ted Foss, who was killed during a routine traffic stop by a passing vehicle on I-90 in 2000. 

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