Police dig up Minnesota farm looking for clues in 1995 cold case.

Becky Jo Look went missing more than 22 years ago.
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A farm in northwestern Minnesota has been a hive of activity this week as investigators search for clues in a cold case more than 20 years old.

Becky Jo Look was last seen in Halma, Minnesota in October 1995 but wasn't reported missing till February 1996, as family thought she had gone back to New Mexico, where she lived prior to moving here.

Last week, Kittson County Sheriff's Office announced it was taking a look at her case, after coming across "some kind of compelling information that tells us she probably never left Kittson County."

Police now believe she was murdered, which this week has led them to an undisclosed farm location in northwestern Minnesota.

WDAZ reports they've been using backhoes and cadaver dogs to assist with the search, and has a 100-strong search team ready to be deployed on the ground should it be required.

Look was 41 years old when she went missing in the first week of October, 1995. She had moved from Albuquerque to Halma to live with a man named Todd Spilde.

Police said there are no suspects of persons of interests at this time, but they reopened the case after interviewing one of her friends, who said it was strange that Look would have left without saying goodbye.

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This was followed up by two others giving "emotional" statements about her case.

"She kind of just disappeared," Sheriff Steve Porter said. "We have to go with an assumption that something happened, and now with the new lead we got the other day, it strongly suggests that something did happen."

You can watch the video below.

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