Police discover someone has been growing marijuana on DNR land

Sixty plants were seized by sheriff's deputies.
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Dnr weed mantorville

It's just been a week for unexpected marijuana discoveries in Minnesota, hasn't it?

First we had $350,000-worth of high-quality weed found in a ditch near Rochester, and now police have uncovered 60 marijuana plants being grown on state land in Dodge County.

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office shared pictures of its find on Facebook Thursday, saying it had recovered property including 60 large marijuana plants, along with growing and gardening equipment.

The discovery was made on DNR Wildlife Management Land west of Mantorville, which actually isn't that far away from where the weed was found in a ditch in southwest Olmsted County.

So, if there's anybody missing some marijuana in Mantorville...

"We’ve been checking on your progress throughout the summer and know you’ve put a lot of time and effort into this grow thanks to our trail camera," Dodge County Sheriff's Office said.

"It’s unfortunate that you chose to clear that area and cut down trees for your operation.

"You’re welcome to come to the Sheriff’s Office in Mantorville to discuss your property before we come to your house."

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