Police find dead pets locked in rooms of woman's home in Anoka County

Officers went to the home after a neighbor requested a welfare check.
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Police conducting a welfare check at a north metro woman's house found several dead animals locked in rooms throughout the property.

Police officers in Ramsey were called to the home of Kuarin Mary Lind, 33, on May 4, and upon arrival they saw several food boxes that were two weeks expired sitting on the front steps of her home. 

No one answered the door when the officers knocked and rang the bell, but they could see a "mess with garbage everywhere" by looking through a window. 

The officers went around back and found an open door, but waited to go inside after the "strong odor of a rotting carcass" led them to believe there might be a body inside. 

Once inside they found multiple dead pets: two dogs, one cat and another unidentified animal. The pets were surrounded by their own feces and police believe they starved to death.

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Lind was eventually contacted by police and explained that she knew of three dead pets in her home, but not a fourth. 

She also admitted to buying a puppy last October and locking it in a room because she didn't have a yard and didn't want it to roam.

The smell in the room became too foul for her to enter, so she stopped going in and the dog died about three weeks after she bought it.

A dog that was locked in a master bedroom was found alive and taken away by police.

Lind has been charged with cruelty to animals, a felony with a maximum sentence of two years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine. 

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