Police: Former Vikings player, wife shot dead by their son

Police say the suspect is believed to be in Mexico.
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Dylan Bennett

The former NFL player and his wife killed at a Long Prairie home on Wednesday died from gunshot wounds.

The Todd County Sheriff's Office has confirmed the cause of deaths of Barry Bennett, 63, and Carol Bennett, 66, who were found by police performing a welfare check.

Their deaths have been confirmed as homicides in the latest update on Friday afternoon.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Dylan Bennett, 22, who has been identified as the couple's son, who lived with them.

He has still not been found, with police having tracked his movements since Monday, when he is suspected to have killed them, and is now believed to be in Mexico.

According to the criminal complaint against Bennett, Barry Bennett's body was found at the entrance to his single-family home, while Carol Bennett's was found in the kitchen.

Dylan Bennett's car was found at the residence – with an empty handgun box inside – but his mother's car was missing.

Barry Bennett, who had an 11-year NFL career including stints with the Saints, Jets and one season with the Vikings, had reported to police in December that his son had "expressed homicidal thoughts about killing his parents."

He was in a mental health treatment facility when he said this.

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Dylan Bennett withdrew a large amount of money from Carol Bennett's accounts from ATMs in Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as from the couple's joint account in Long Prairie on Monday morning.

He then bought a plane ticket from Columbus, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia, and then to Cancun, Mexico on Wednesday, the day his parents' were found.

While in Ohio, police said he had met a person and given them a 9mm handgun to hold for him. Carol Bennett's Hyundai was then found in a motel parking lot.

Both parents had multiple gunshot wounds, with both dying from blood loss.

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