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Police identify 2 vehicles of interest in Jayme Closs disappearance

Police are looking for a red Dodge and a black SUV.
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Police have identified two vehicles of interest in their search for missing 13-year-old Jayme Closs.

On Monday, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said they are looking for information on a red car, believed to be a 08-14 Dodge Charger/Challenger.

They're also looking for a black SUV believed to be a 06-10 Ford Edge or a 04-10 Acura MDX.

Surveillance footage taken from nearby businesses revealed that these vehicles were seen near the Closs home during the time of Jayme's disappearance and her parents' killing.

"If anyone has seen these two vehicles in or around Barron County over the past 2 weeks, call our tip line with the time observed, location and a license plate if available."

Fitzgerald said that now police have some vehicles of interest, they want people to look for changes in behavior or routine of someone who owns one of those cars, for example if they aren't driving them anymore.

The tip line number is 1-855-744-3879.

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Police have received more than 1,300 tips about Jayme's disappearance, of which 1,100 have been closed out.

There will be a grid search involving as many as 2,000 volunteers held in Barron County on Tuesday, as police look for clues about her disappearance.

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