Police investigate after anti-Semitic message left on car in St. Paul

It was written in snow on a vehicle parked in Mac-Groveland.
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Police are investigating after a yard sign was stolen and an anti-semitic message was written on a car in St. Paul's Mac-Groveland neighborhood.

A picture of the offending message, that saw "KKK" and "Jew" written in the snow on two car windows, was shared in the Mac-Groveland Neighborhood Group on Facebook by Shannon Kearney.

Kearney says that a lawn sign saying, among other things, "Black Lives Matter," "No Human is Illegal" and "Science is Real" was also stolen from her garden.

The incident happened on the 1400 block of Lincoln Avenue, and St. Paul police have launched an investigation.

Speaking to the Pioneer Press, Kearney said the car belongs to a renter across the street, but believes the message was intended for her in response to her sign.

"These are not things we usually see in our neighborhood," she told the newspaper.

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Reported hate crimes rose by 22 percent in Minnesota last year, based on recent findings shared by the FBI.

Of the 146 reports that were classed as hate crime incidents in 2017, 16 of them were anti-Jewish.

Meanwhile there have been concerns over anti-semitism at the national level in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue mass shooting in October, while there have been an increasing number of anti-semitic incidents in Europe.

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