Police investigating hidden cameras placed in Mall of America dressing rooms

They've set up a special hotline to hear from anybody who may have fallen victim.
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Hidden camera moa

Police in Bloomington are looking to hear from people who may have fallen victim to a suspected Peeping Tom who placed hidden cameras in dressing rooms at the Mall of America.

Bloomington PD posted an image of the temporary cameras found installed dressing rooms at Hollister and Forever 21 at the megamall, stores predominantly frequented by children, teens and young women.

It has set up a special hotline to hear from anyone who has seen such a device in a dressing room recently, which you can call at 952-563-4994.

Police have a suspect in the case, who was arrested and questioned but has since been released without being charged, for now.

According to a search warrant application, in two of the dressing rooms the cameras were placed beneath a fake shelf mounted on the walls at waist height, so would be difficult to see unless you bent down.

The cameras were found in the mall between March and July this year.

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What's more, the search warrant reveals that a similar incident is being investigated at the Victoria's Secret store in Maplewood Mall.

The suspect was arrested late last month after a store manager at the MOA Forever 21 recognized him as a suspect from a previous incident, per KSTP.

He told police he'd placed the cameras there for "the thrill," saying he'd done it around 10 times at the MOA, said he'd uploaded "hundreds" of videos to his laptop, and claimed he'd secretly recorded his girlfriend and her 15-year-old daughter in their Elk River home.

Bring Me The News does not typically name arrested suspects until they have been charged with a crime.

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