Police kill knife-wielding man who live streamed video of chase from Edina to Richfield

The incident unfolded on Saturday evening.
Quinones video 3

A suspect who fled police from Edina to Richfield was shot and killed by police officers late Saturday night after a chase he live streamed on Facebook.

The incident began when the suspect, identified as Brian Quinones, ran a red light near York Avenue in Edina, then refused to pull over as Edina Police attempted to make a traffic stop.

He continued to run stoplights into Richfield before stopping near 77th St. and Chicago Ave., where he exited his vehicle before being shot. 

Quinones was streaming live on Facebook for approximately 12 minutes, appearing calm as he listened to music as police lights increasingly flashed in the background.

Just after 12 minutes into the video, he stopped and abruptly got out of the car, taking what appears to be a knife with him with his left-hand.

Seconds later, police are seen running towards the vehicle and can be heard shouting, before opening fire.

Around a dozen shots can be heard in the video. The Star Tribune, citing dispatch audio, said police had yelled "drop the knife" before shooting.

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There was a very large police presence near the scene of the incident, which drew in large crowds who could be heard begging police to cover Quinone's body after the deadly encounter, and also criticizing police for their use of force.

A police helicopter was circling the area for hours as it monitored the scene.

Quinone's Facebook page lists him as living in Minneapolis and being originally from Puerto Rico. It also says he works at General Mills.

His Facebook page has been flooded with tributes from friends. The last post he made to Facebook, just prior to live-streaming, read: "So sorry."

A joint statement from Richfield and Edina police departments said no officers were injured, adding: "The Edina and Richfield Police Departments express our thoughts and prayers to all those involved in this tragic incident."

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