Police: Man pulled gun on guy inside St. Cloud Walmart

Police say the other man also had a loaded handgun.
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An altercation led to a gun being pulled on a man inside Walmart in St. Cloud. 

St. Cloud Police say the incident unfolded just after 5:30 p.m. Sunday at the Walmart on the 3600 block of 2nd Street South.

Officers responding to reports of a gun found two men inside Walmart involved in an altercation that escalated to one of them pointing a gun at the other. 

An investigation found that a 60-year-old man from Luverne was shopping at Walmart when his daughter called him from outside in the parking lot. She said a man was yelling at her for parking in a no parking zone and had hit her side-view mirror. 

The man from the parking lot, identified as a 50 year old from Randall, Minnesota, entered the store, at which point the 60 year old tracked him down, grabbed his shoulder and yelled at him for screaming at his 33-year-old daughter. 

The younger man pulled a handgun from his waist and pointed it at the other man. Walmart employees attempted to intervene, but the man refused to put the gun down, continuing to point it at the other man and a 21-year-old employee who stepped between the two. 

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He eventually put the gun away just before police arrived and no shots were fired. 

Police later learned that the 60-year-old man was also in possession of a loaded handgun, having hid it in a garbage can before police arrived. Police don't believe he brandished the gun during the dispute. 

The 50 year old has a permit to carry a firearm while the 60 year old does not. 

Both men were taken to Stearns County Jail on pending charges. 

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