Police officer shot during struggle with suspect in St. Cloud; protesters damage properties afterward

Officers did not return fire in the incident in St. Cloud.
Blair Anderson, St. Cloud PD

Police Chief Blair Anderson.

A police officer was shot in the hand during a struggle with a teenage suspect in St. Cloud just after midnight Monday. 

The incident unfolded around 12:10 a.m. as police were attempting to stop an 18-year-old suspect. The teen fled on foot, with the officers giving chase and catching him in the 1000 block of 10th Ave. S., according to St. Cloud Police Department. 

At that point, police claim the 18-year-old resisted arrest and a physical struggle ensued. Saint Cloud PD said the suspect was able to "produce a handgun" and fire it once, with the bullet striking an officer in the hand. 

"Officers did not return fire and were able to subdue the suspect and take him into custody," police said. 

The officer who was shot was taken to the hospital in stable condition and was undergoing surgery Monday morning. The 18-year-old, who police describe as a Black male, suffered a laceration during the incident and was also taken to the hospital. 

Chief of Police Blair Anderson argued that this incident did warrant lethal force, but the officers acted "with restraint."

"Our officer showed great restraint, great professionalism. Because that's how we do what we do in St. Cloud," he said.

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Large crowd marched to police station afterward

Following the incident, which saw the suspect in custody by about 12:15 a.m., a crowd of approximately 100 people formed and marched toward the police station. 

It came amid apparent rumors on social media that someone had been shot by police, when it was in fact the other way around.

Chief Anderson said that they received information that it was the group's intent "to damage property and take over our police station." 

"That didn't happen," the chief said, noting that "several other properties" were damaged during the march. That damage has resulted in four individuals being arrested. 

Specific information about the property damage has not been released.

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