Police pull over mysterious cars with no license plates, find tools of 'havoc' inside

This comes amid multiple sightings of plateless vehicles around the protests.
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Car with no license plate.

It seems the chatter about plateless cars driving around the Minneapolis riots — allegedly there to instigate violence — has been confirmed. 

Reports of vehicles without license plates have been circulating for days, raising concerns about "outside instigators" as well as rumors of white supremacists and other bad-faith actors intent on causing trouble:

The sightings of these mysterious cars grew as both Gov. Tim Walz and Mayor Jacob Frey stated that many of those arrested at the riots are from out of state, leading to suspicions about who was really committing much of the violence. 

On Saturday night, the St. Paul Police Department announced that its officers have pulled over "several vehicles driving around the city without license plates":

"Each time officers stopped the vehicles," the department added, "people inside have raced away on foot, leaving vehicles and tools used to wreak havoc on our city behind."

The department did not elaborate on what those "tools" might be, but BringMeTheNews has reached out for comment.

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