Police say man who died on Father's Day was shot in Downtown, not Uptown

It means the Uptown shooting was not a fatal one, though 11 were injured.
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Police are now saying that the shooting that claimed the life of father-of-two Cody Pollard on Sunday happened in downtown Minneapolis, and was not part of the Uptown mass shooting.

The clarification was issued by MPD spokesman John Elder on Tuesday afternoon. It was initially thought that the 27-year-old lost his life after being shot during the incident on the 2900 block of Hennepin Avenue, which left 11 people injured with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

But it's since been determined that Pollard was shot in the area of 7th Street North and 1st Avenue North, near Target Center downtown.

This means that there were no fatalities in the Uptown shooting.

"The information originally received was that numerous people had been shot and many had been transported by ambulances, but several were transported via private vehicles to area hospitals.

"Numerous people arrived at Hennepin County Medical Center to a very chaotic scene. These patients arrived at very close intervals and it appeared they all came from the Uptown incident. One patient was determined to be the most critical and this individual was unconscious. He was rushed into the “STABE” room where life saving efforts were performed. Those efforts failed and he was pronounced deceased.

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Elder says that investigations continued to throw up conflicting information, but detectives have since been able to determine the location of Pollard's wounds.

"Through continued in-depth investigation it has come to be learned that the shooting involving this individual occurred in the area of 7 Street North and 1 Avenue North in Downtown. The only call in that area during the time involved a 'hot rodder' call with vehicles driving erratically," Elder said.

There have been no arrests made in Pollard's killing.

Note: The details provided in this story are based on the police's version of events, and may be subject to further change.

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