Police seize 'literally truck loads' of stolen goods in huge burglary bust

Montevideo is 130 miles west of the Twin Cities in western Minnesota.
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Guns, bikes, power tools, a vehicle, and Christmas gifts were recovered by Montevideo Police Department in a huge burglary bust. 

Montevideo PD along with the Chippewa County Sheriff's Office and CEE VI Drug Task Force conducted a raid on Jan. 3 at 114 South 9th Street in Montevideo that led to the findings of "literally truck loads" of stolen property, the department said in a release. 

The stolen items, many of them being Christmas presents, were taken from garages, vehicles and at least two residential properties during a burglary spree over the festive period.

Cops also found marijuana and methamphetamine while conducting the bust, prompting them to get another search warrant that resulted in the seizure of more stolen goods linked to 10 new burglaries in addition to "numerous other pending cases where officers are waiting for victims to identity their property."

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Three people were arrested on drug charges and they didn't even have to arrest the main burglary suspect, because they were already in Chippewa County Jail on a previous charge for receiving stolen property. 

What's more, the house raided on Jan. 3 is the same place Montevideo PD busted last August, during which they "recovered so much stolen property an officer had to bring a trailer to the scene to transport." 

The investigation is ongoing and more suspects could be charged. 

You can check out Montevideo PD's Facebook page to see more photos of the stolen items. 

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