Police: Son put gun to father's neck and pulled the trigger

Fortunately, the gun didn't go off.
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A man in Meeker County has been arrested after putting a gun to his father's neck and pulling the trigger.

The incident happened at 12:20 p.m. Wednesday at a home on 617 Avenue in Eden Valley, about 30 miles southwest of St. Cloud.

The Meeker County Sheriff's Office said a 55-year-old man allegedly wrestled a gun away from his father's grip and then threw him to the ground.

He then held the gun to his father's neck and pulled the trigger.

Fortunately, the gun did not go off and the father wasn't seriously hurt, suffering only minor injuries in the altercation.

His son had fled the scene by the time police arrived, but officers caught up with him in Eden Valley, where he was arrested for assault.

He is being held in jail pending charges and a court appearance.

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