Police tactics called into question after injuries at 3rd Precinct

Mayor Jacob Frey has requested the National Guard be brought in.
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The tactics employed by police at the 3rd Precinct in south Minneapolis have been criticized by some city leaders, who called on officers to stand down after incidents in which peaceful protesters were injured.

Police deployed tear gas, flash bangs, and rubber bullets in an attempt to disperse crowds around the precinct, which was damaged by projectiles thrown through its windows.

However, videos from the scene show that some of those caught up in the tear gas and less-lethal rounds didn't appear to present imminent danger to others or property, sparking anger among the protesters. Furthermore, some of those in attendance said these were fired with little or no prior warning.

The police's actions have been condemned by among others Minneapolis City Council member Jeremiah Ellison, who for the past two nights has been calling on the police to stand down after seeing some officers "firing indiscriminately" into crowds of protesters.

He was joined in his call by Ward 11 council member Jeremy Schroeder, who said he called Mayor Jacob Frey and urged him "to command the MPD stand down and deescalate the situation at the Third Precinct."

"This is imperative to prevent further injuries, danger, and destruction. It is necessary, now," he said.

Some of the videos and images shared on social media show the injuries sustained by those at the protest.

Warning: The following content features graphic images and offensive language.

On Wednesday evening, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo defended his officers' response, saying they have been using the "least amount of force necessary."

Meanwhile Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey responded to the protests and subsequent riots overnight by calling on Governor Tim Walz to deploy the National Guard.

On Thursday, it was announced that a "unified command center" would be set up at the 3rd Precinct that will allow police to respond to unrest, which will include resources being drafted in from other police departments.

City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins also called for the area outside the 3rd Precinct to be made a safe space for those protesting and grieving for George Floyd.

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