Police think they've caught the man randomly slapping strangers in St. Paul

The bizarre crime spree could be over.
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Police released this image of the suspect's vehicle.

Police released this image of the suspect's vehicle.

Police believe they have caught the man who has been randomly slapping and hitting people in St. Paul.

St. Paul PD put out an alert last week after a series of incidents in which a masked man in a Subaru would drive around the city, get out of his vehicle and target strangers on the street.

The bizarre crime spree over a month-long period saw the suspect either damage people's vehicles, threaten them, slap them, or assault them with an object.

He was described as a "heavier-set" white man in his 30s with a teardrop tattoo under his left eye.

Now police believe they have their man, after a 38-year-old suspect was arrested in Minneapolis on Thursday on suspicion of probable cause auto theft.

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"Based on information shared with our investigator, we believe he is the person who was driving around Saint Paul and randomly assaulting and threatening people," St. Paul police spokesman Steve Linders told BMTN.

"Our investigator is continuing to look into the cases, but at this time nothing has been forwarded for charging consideration in the Saint Paul cases."

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