Police to crack down on south metro drivers using turn lanes to pass

They'll step up patrols on Highway 13.
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Increased police patrols are coming to a 3-mile stretch of Hwy. 13 because drivers keep using turn lanes to overtake.

The Scott County Sheriff's Office said the actions of drivers are of particular concern with school starting again on Monday.

It comes after complaints about "misusing turn lanes as bypass lanes" along a three-mile stretch between Prior Lake and Savage in the southern Twin Cities metro.

This, the sheriff's office says, is causing "dangerous encounters with people crossing at intersections as well as vehicles traveling in the area."

"Community members have expressed much concern about motorists violating traffic laws on this stretch of roadway," Sheriff Luke Hennen said.

"We are hopeful that this collaborative safety initiative will encourage positive changes in driver behavior."

The extra enforcement will be carried out between Sept. 3 and 16, with digital message signs being utilized to provide regular reminders to drivers.

"This is a good time to take a look at your own driving habits and review the rules of the road," Sheriff Hennen added.

"Whether you have kids in school or not, be ready to adjust your schedule to accommodate the traffic slowdowns that occur when school is in session."

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