Sheriff: Video of dog being shot posted to Facebook

Police came across the video two days after the dog was found dead.
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Authorities are investigating a horrific case of animal cruelty in which a dog was shot dead, before footage of it happening was apparently posted to Facebook.

The Wadena County Sheriff's Office reports it found a dog that had been shot dead at a campground along the Mississippi River just after 11 p.m. on Sunday.

They found several shell casings around the dog, which had a collar and leash attached but no tags.

Two days later, on Tuesday afternoon, the sheriff's office started getting calls about a video posted to Facebook that showed a person shooting a dog.

The dog was wearing a collar connected to the leash and was laying down in the snow.

The person shot the dead once, while another person kicked snow on the pet. The dog appeared motionless before and after the gunshot.

There were names on the Facebook post and police have been in contact with the individuals involved.

It continues to investigate, with the help of the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley on this case.

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