Police: Woman held gun, watched kids during fire drill at Minnesota school

It happened at a small school near Moorhead.
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A person holding a gun inside her home was one of the first things students and staff saw when they exited their school during a fire drill on Monday.

According to Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Public Schools and the Dilworth Police Department, students and staff at Dilworth Elementary and Dilworth Middle School saw a woman standing in the doorway of her home, holding a gun while watching the drill take place. 

Police say the home neighbors the school in the small, northwest Minnesota town located about three miles east of Moorhead. 

Police responded to the home and confirmed what students and staff reported. Investigators contacted the Clay County Attorney's Office about the incident and it was determined that there wasn't enough evidence to press charges against the woman. 

"We are aware of the numerous social media posts that have been posted prior to and after the event," the press release from the schools says. "DGF Schools has made changes to their evacuation procedures to prevent any similar incidences in the future." 

It's unclear what changes have been made to the school's evacuation procedures. 

The social media posts the school district is referring to can be found on Facebook, where a woman has been posting pictures of students appearing to encroach on her property as they participate in fire drills.

She has since defended herself on the page, saying she had the gun holstered. "Don't want to see my weapons? Don't look in my house?" she wrote.

In a separate post, the woman refers to the kids as "idiots" who stepped foot on her property during the fire drill, despite her posting no trespassing signs in her yard. 

"Their fire drill location isn't my f------ yard," she wrote, while adding another post that says "It's not going to be my fault if they get hurt on my property or bit by my dog, because the signs are clear as day."

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