Pop machine thieves strike in Spring Valley

The two people pictured are linked to a string of thefts in southern Minnesota.
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Police in Fillmore County are trying to track down a pair of thieves with an unusual target: a laundromat pop machine.

The man and woman pictured above are suspects in the theft from Valley Wash Laundromat, in Spring Valley.

In the early hours of Wednesday, Oct. 24, they're suspected of damaging and stealing from the pop machine in the laundromat, though the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office haven't revealed if they're stolen money, or were just really thirsty.

It did however reveal that the theft is linked to another such incident in Spring Valley, as well as a string of other thefts across southern Minnesota.

The sheriff's office points out that although the surveillance pictures make the woman's hair look black, it is in fact "reddish dyed hair."

Anyone with information about their identities should call the sheriff's office on 507-765-3874.

While we're not in the business of speculating on criminals' next targets, we just wanted to point out that Spring Valley is a short 45 minutes away from Spring Grove, the home of Spring Grove Soda Pop Company...

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