President Donald Trump backs bikers' boycott of Wisconsin's Harley Davidson

The motorcycle company is shifting some production overseas because of tariffs.
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President Donald Trump has backed a campaign boycotting the motorcycles made by Wisconsin company Harley Davidson.

In a tweet on Sunday, the president showed support for the planned boycott in reaction to Harley moving some of its manufacturing out of the U.S.

The company said in a move to save money, it would be moving the production of the bikes it sells outside of the U.S. to foreign countries.

This is in response to tariffs implemented on Harley Davidsons by the European Union, which is in retaliation to tariffs introduced by the Trump administration on European aluminum and steel.

This increase in tariffs would add $90-$100 million to the Milwaukee company's annual costs, it said in June, prompting the decision to move some of its production overseas.

The president hosted a number of "Bikers for Trump" supporters at his golf club this weekend, during which he delivered a speech that included criticism of Harley, saying it's using the E.U.'s tariffs as an "excuse" for moving manufacturing abroad, CNN notes.

This has been echoed by some Harley union leaders, who have said Harley was planning to move at least some of its production overseas before the tariffs were introduced, something the company admits, albeit not on the scale that it will do so now.

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FOX 6 reports that the president's comments have put Republicans in Wisconsin in a tough spot, among them Governor Scott Walker, who is up for re-election this year.

He has said he wants Harley to "prosper" in Wisconsin, and the best way for that to happen "is to do what the president has called for and that is to get to no tariffs."

But one of the Democratic candidates for governor, Mahlon Mitchell, told the TV channel that Trump has taken a page out of Walker's book by "attacking Wisconsin workers to cover for failed economic policy."

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