President Donald Trump comes to Minnesota for a brief visit Monday

When he's scheduled to arrived, where he'll go, and what he'll do here
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President Donald Trump will be in Minnesota briefly Monday, spending time at a Twin Cities trucking company and taking part in a roundtable discussion on the economy and taxes.

Here's a quick overview of his trip, according to his public schedule.

He'll arrive at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport at 12:25 p.m., and leave for Burnsville, about 10 minutes later.

By 12:55 p.m. Trump is scheduled to arrive at Nuss Truck and Equipment - a regional business with seven locations in Minnesota and one in Wisconsin. Its corporate office is in Rochester, Minnesota.

The president will spend the next 1 hour and 15 minutes there, mainly participating in a roundtable on the economy and taxes. The event will be live streamed here.

At 2:10 p.m., he'll leave Nuss Truck and Equipment, head back to MSP Airport, and take off by about 2:40 p.m. for Washington D.C.

All told, Trump will be in Minnesota for approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Groups are planning a peaceful protest rally outside Nuss for Trump's visit.

"Our purpose is to stand in unity with Rep. Omar, and voice our collective values and ideals," the Facebook event say, a reference to the ongoing controversy over Ilhan Omar - one perpetuated by Trump himself over the weekend.

The organizers say there will be a clear spot for protesters in front of the building.

Trump lost Dakota County to opponent Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election by 4.71 percent.

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