Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg announces Minnesota visit

The billionaire and former New York City mayor will spend time in south Minnesota.
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Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg will pay the first visit to Minnesota of his campaign on Wednesday.

The billionaire and former Mayor of New York City was a late entry to the Democratic race, and has spent more than $100 million of his fortune on campaign ads since announcing his intentions.

On Wednesday, he will be in Wells in southern Minnesota, one of three visits to states that will hold their presidential primaries in March, the others being Illinois and Ohio.

In Wells he will pay a visit to the Johnson Family Farm, meeting with fourth-generation soybean farmer Darin Johnson.

Soybean farmers are among those who have been hit by the Trump Administration's trade war with China, prompting the Asian nation to impose retaliatory import taxes on goods including soybeans.

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The latest Democratic poll, published by Morning Consult on Tuesday, has Bloomberg at 5th in the race with 7 percent, a ways behind the leading candidates Joe Biden (31 percent), Bernie Sanders (23 percent) and Elizabeth Warren (14 percent).

He's also behind Pete Buttigieg, but ahead of Amy Klobuchar who is 8th.

He has positioned himself more as a moderate akin to Biden and Klobuchar, pushing for the introduction of a Medicare public option and the expansion of the Affordable Care Act, as well as the expansion of background checks to tackle gun violence.

His positions on tackling climate change and improving college access and affordability, two key topics for Democratic voters, are not fully detailed on his website however.

You can see his positions here.

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