Presidential primary voting starts in Minnesota today, here's how you can vote early

Early voting started on Friday.
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As of Friday morning you can now cast your votes in the Minnesota 2020 Presidential Primaries.

While Minnesota's polling day isn't until Super Tuesday on Mar. 3, absentee voting is open now, and is available to all eligible voters across Minnesota.

There are several political events happening on Friday to coincide with the launch of early voting, including presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar holding a rally at First Avenue at 7 p.m.

So how do you vote? Well there are two choices, with the option most convenient for most Minnesotans being via the mail.

Voting by mail

To receive a ballot, you can fill out an application online or on paper with the Minnesota Secretary of State to receive a ballot. You can do this here.

You don't need to be registered to vote to apply for an absentee vote, but you'll want to register before sending in your ballot. You can register here.

You will then have until Mar. 3 to return your ballot. You can find more information here.

Voting in person

Don't want to go through the process of mailing in your ballot? Then you can cast your vote in person.

Everyone in the state is able to do this at their local county office. You can find links to all county offices in Minnesota here.

There are also some early voting centers opening up between Jan. 17 and Mar. 2. In Minneapolis, you can cast your vote at the Elections & Voter Services Office at 980 East Hennepin Avenue.

You can also do it at Hennepin County Government Center at 300 South Sixth Street on the skyway level.

In St. Paul and Ramsey County, early voting centers include Arlington Hills Community Center, Como Streetcar Station, and several Ramsey County Library locations. More information here.

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Other ways to vote

There are certain situations in which you can elect an agent to vote on your behalf – for example if you're in a hospital or are a patient in a nursing home. 

There are also voting options in place for members of the military who are stationed overseas. You can find more information on both here, courtesy of Hennepin County.

Who will be on the ballot?

The Minnesota ballot will feature two parties, the Minnesota DFL and the Republican Party.

The DFL ballot offers 15 choices of candidate, some of whom – like Marianne Williamson and Cory Booker – have already scrapped their campaigns.

The Republican Party's ballot will only feature one option, President Donald Trump, and a write-in candidate section.

This was the subject of a legal challenge by a supporter of another Republican primary candidate, but the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled last week that the GOP was entitled to name only one candidate.

You can find a sample ballot here from the Minnesota Secretary of State.

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