Prince Estate to Trump: Please quit using his music

One of Prince's most iconic songs has been used at Trump rallies.
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If you've gone to a Trump rally lately, there's a decent chance you might've heard Prince's "Purple Rain" over the speakers.

Well, according to the Prince Estate – the people managing the Purple One's music, likeness, and legacy – that's not supposed to be happening.

On Thursday, Omarr Baker, Prince's half-brother, tweeted a public statement on the matter, saying the Prince Estate "has never given permission" to President Trump to use the late star's songs:

The statement also requests that "they cease all use (of Prince's music) immediately.”

According to the Rolling Stone, Purple Rain has been in the playlist at "recent pre-Election Day rallies" held by Trump, including one in Mississippi a couple weeks ago. 

It's not clear if the Prince Estate has actually filed a formal cease-and-desist letter yet, the magazine says.

It turns out this is a bit of a pattern; as Pitchfork points out, numerous other rockers have asked President Trump to quit using their music at rallies, including Neil Young and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.

That's not to say that rock stars calling out politicians for playing their songs is entirely new, though. 

In fact, there's a long, rich history of it, with one of the most notable cases being the time Bruce Springsteen asked President Ronald Reagan not to use "Born in the U.S.A."

You can read about other such confrontations in this USA Today article, "35 musicians who famously told politicians: Don't use my song."

Most of the politicians who've gotten cease-and-desists have been Republicans, but as the piece notes, even President Barack Obama (a Democrat) was once asked to stop using a song.

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