Prison sentences for members of St. Paul gang called 'HAM Crazy'

They were involved in street warfare with rival gangs.
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Long-serving members of a street gang in St. Paul known as "HAM Crazy" have been handed prison sentences on firearms conspiracy charges.

The six members: Marvell Jefferson, 24, Shelby Ashford Jr., 24, Casey Davis, 24, Phillip Jackson, 23, Nakia Martin, 25, and Pierre Jenkins, 23, were sentenced this week at U.S. District Court in Minneapolis to prison time of up to 5 years.

They have been active members of HAM Crazy since January 2014, during which they have helped the gang protect territory, power and status on the Eastside of St. Paul, using violence and intimidation on rival gangs including the Hit Squad.

These ongoing gang wars have resulted in shootings and killings on both sides, as well as endangering the lives of innocent bystanders with many of the shootings happening at public venues.

As part of this war, the defendants all conspired to illegally obtain at least 12 guns, including some with wiped serial numbers, some that were stolen, or had high-capacity magazines.

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They tried to buy, sell and trade these guns through social media.

The prosecution was brought about thanks to work from agencies including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which worked closely with St. Paul police.

"Together, we have made it clear that settling disagreements through gun violence is not welcome in our city—and we will use all available resources to hold accountable those who do engage in these types of activities," St. Paul police chief Todd Axtell said.

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