Protesters and police continue to clash, looting reported at Lake Street Target

The situation continues to escalate in south Minneapolis.
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What started as a tense but peaceful standoff between police and protesters outside the 3rd Precinct building on Wednesday afternoon has escalated in the evening.

Police have deployed tear gas and fired less-lethal rounds after numerous projectiles were thrown at the 3rd Precinct building, shattering windows and doors.

Flash bombs were also used, with images from the scene showing several people had been injured by sponge bullets.

Gov. Tim Walz has made a plea for calm, imploring those protesting George Floyd's death to do so peacefully.

The situation has been worsening, with video showing looting taking place at Target store on Lake Street, with reports that several other nearby businesses have been hit.

It comes after police chief Medaria Arradondo had warned that "assaultive behavior" and serious criminal damage would result in countermeasures from police.

At a Wednesday evening press conference, he re-affirmed this, saying the vast majority of protesters have been peaceful and officers would protect 1st Amendment rights, but "that cannot be at the expense of other’s personal safety."

Earlier Mayor Jacob Frey said that most police and protesters on Tuesday night had conducted themselves appropriately, but those that are choosing not to remain peaceful are making a bigger mess in Minneapolis Wednesday.

By contrast, scenes at 38th and Chicago, where George Floyd was arrested, appeared to be more peaceful, per WCCO's Jeff Wagner.

Meanwhile, protesters have also found their way to the Oakdale home of Derek Chauvin, the officer who was kneeling on Floyd's neck

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