Quieter night in Minneapolis as police, National Guard strictly enforce curfew

It marked a contrast to previous nights.
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For the first time since the death of George Floyd, law enforcement had control over the protests and unrest in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

With a significant force of National Guard, state troopers, and city police officers deployed across the Twin Cities, there was less of the property damage and fires that were seen the previous nights. 

The 8 p.m. curfew was strictly enforced, with police firing tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters who remained on the street afterwards.

But having a greater effect seemed to be the shutdown and barricading of city streets and bridges, limiting the movement of protesters, as well as measures taken to split large groups up.

And in an effort to tackle smaller, organized groups of looters and arsonists seen on recent nights, police made regular stops on vehicles with license plates removed. St. Paul police said it stopped several that contained "tools of havoc," though said that the occupants fled before they could be arrested. 

Officers in Minneapolis' North Side made similar efforts, per the Star Tribune's Libor Jany.

There were some incidents of note, not least the use of force on multiple journalists covering the unrest, who were exempt from the curfew order. Meanwhile some nurses who were providing care to injured protesters said they were fired upon by military police.

Minneapolis Police Department reported two incidents of violence it responded to, including a person with a weapon who fled in a vehicle near Pillsbury and Lake on the south side, who "nearly rammed officers as he fled."

The vehicle was later found, with four suspects taken into custody and one gun recovered.

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At around 11 p.m., one of three suspects shot at officers near 14th and Lake, with the trio taken into custody, and a gun was recovered.

Nonetheless, it was a quieter night compared to the chaos of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

It marked a contrast to the developments in other U.S. cities, where protests over the 46-year-old's death have escalated leading to clashes with police, and ugly scenes that have sparked outrage, such as this in Salt Lake City.

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