Racist posters were plastered throughout North Mankato neighborhood

An investigation by North Mankato police is ongoing.
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Police are investigating a case in which racist posters were plastered throughout a neighborhood in North Mankato last week. 

When asked Monday to provide an update on the case, a spokesperson from the North Mankato Police Department declined to comment other than to say an investigation is ongoing.

But the department told news outlets in southern Minnesota last week that 17 paper signs were removed from the King Arthur Park neighborhood on July 31. 

The paper signs read: "AMERICA IS A WHITE NATION," and they were taped to street poles and mailboxes.

The Greater Mankato Diversity Council responded to the incident with a statement saying it "joins the chorus of courageous community members and organizations that have vigorously condemned the repugnant, racist flyers." 

The council noted that people in the community replaced the racist flyers with signs that said "Hate has no place here" and "America is a nation for everyone." 

In an editorial on Saturday, the Mankato Free Press says that gay, black and Muslim residents of the Mankato area have been the recent targets of other racist incidents.

It notes however, that the targets of the attacks have been met with support from the wider community, who have acted swiftly to shut such discourse down, efforts the paper encourages more locals to join.

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