Red-tailed hawk dies after being found shot with an arrow

It died at the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center.
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A red-tailed hawk was euthanized after it was found in Minnesota with an arrow through its leg.

The University of Minnesota Raptor Center said it was initially hoped that the injury caused to the hawk wouldn't be too severe, after it was eventually captured having been seen on several occasions with the arrow protruding from its body.

An x-ray however showed the full extent of the damage done to the bird, with the arrow damaging its right knee beyond repair, and as a result it was "causing immense pain."

"The hawk would never be able to hunt for itself or return to the wild, and could not remain in captivity without considerable lifelong pain and suffering," it said on Facebook.

"For these reasons, we made the decision to provide humane euthanasia."

Speaking to the Star Tribune, the center's executive director Julia Ponder said they believe that the hawk was intentionally – and thus, illegally – shot from below.

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"Thank you for your help in tracking this bird, and for your kind words and support," the center wrote on Facebook.

"Moments like these provide opportunities to remind ourselves that teaching compassion, empathy, and curiosity for the natural world is, and always will be, necessary."

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