Rep. Ilhan Omar is subject of death threat, FEC complaint

The racist death threat comes after she once again hit national headlines.
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A turbulent few days for Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar took a turn for the worse on Wednesday, when she shared a picture of a shocking death threat she had received.

The 5th District representative has found herself the subject of national headlines once again after she was cited in a divorce filing by the wife of a political consultant with whom she'd worked.

The renewed furore over her personal life appears to have prompted one person to send the representative a racist death threat, which says it is "quite likely" she will die at the Minnesota State Fair, in an attempt to get the "Somali Stink" out of the air.

As one of the more prominent new progressive voices in the U.S. House, Omar has found herself on the receiving end of vicious abuse and multiple death threats, necessitating the hiring of a security team for her public appearances.

"I hate that we live in a world where you have to be protected from fellow humans. I hated it as a child living through war and I hate it now," Omar tweeted.

"But until deranged people like this stop threatening my life and the lives of others, I have to accept the reality of having security."

It also came out on Wednesday that Omar is the subject of a complaint to the Federal Election Commission, in relation to the divorce filing submitted by the wife of D.C. consultant Tim Mynett.

The filing claims Omar is romantically involved with Mynett, an allegation she has denied, and this prompted a complaint to be filed to the FEC by the conservative National Legal and Policy Center.

Their complaint, as reported by USA Today, centers on the fact Omar's campaign has spent more than $220,000 over the past year on Mynett's consultancy firm, of which just under $22,000 was spent on travel expenses.

The complaint says that should some of those funds have been used for travel to facilitate a relationship between the two, this would be in violation of FEC rules.

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Rep. Omar was in Minneapolis on Wednesday, where she attended a talk at a grocery store in north Minneapolis.

She did not comment when asked by reporters about the campaign spending complaint, referring to them as "stupid questions."

A comment later sent to FOX 9 by a lawyer representing Omar's campaign and Mynett's company, E Street Group, said the FEC complaint was a "political ploy."

The travel expenses, the lawyer explained, was to cover the flights of E Street Group consultants as they traveled around the country fundraising for Omar.

"There is nothing untoward about this, nor anything illegal about it," the statement to FOX 9 says.

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