Rep. Jason Lewis blames John McCain for GOP losing the House

Lewis was defeated in Minnesota's 2nd District last week.
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Minnesota congressman Jason Lewis has identified who he believes is to blame for the Republicans' defeat in the House elections last week: the late John McCain.

In an Op-Ed published in the Wall Street Journal on Veterans Day, the soon-to-be-former 2nd district congressman, who was defeated by DFLer Angie Craig in last week's elections, identifies the moment he thinks the GOP lost the U.S. House.

That would be when the late Arizona Sen. McCain issued a decisive, 11th hour thumbs down to the Republicans' proposed "skinny repeal" of the Affordable Care Act.

This, he argues prompted a "'green wave' of liberal special interest money" that in turn saw Democrats hit Republicans on the plan to remove protections for pre-existing conditions.

Protecting pre-existing conditions was one of the running themes throughout many a Democratic mid-term campaign.

And Lewis says that if McCain had voted through the skinny repeal, he argues that Republicans would have been able to show its bill alleviated the "pre-existing conditions problem."

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He accused Democrats of propagating "false claims" that the House's healthcare bill would've gutted pre-existing conditions coverage, even though Politifact found that the American Health Care Act would have dropped rules limiting how much insurers can charge people with pre-existing conditions for health coverage.

This in turn may have seen those with pre-existing health conditions priced out of the health insurance market, so it arguably didn't protect them after all.

Lewis also accused McCain and other "Never Trump" Republicans of "pettiness," saying the late senator had a "grievance with all things Trump."

"Disapprove of the president’s style if you like, but don’t sacrifice sound policy to pettiness," he wrote.

The timing of Lewis' criticism of McCain, a decorated war hero, that coincided with Veterans Day, didn't go unnoticed by others, including McCain's daughter Meghan.

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