Rep. Jim Hagedorn to no longer allow office visits from liberal group

Hagedorn told members of the St. Peter/Mankato Indivisible they may no longer visit his office.
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Minnesota Republican Rep. Jim Hagedorn will no longer allow a liberal community group to visit his Mankato office, sparking outrage from members.

In a letter dated July 15, Hagedorn claims a member of the St. Peter/Greater Mankato Indivisible group told a staff member their weekly visits to his Mankato office were meant "to keep staff from attending to their other work."

The letter, posted on the group’s Facebook page, states Hagedorn will no longer meet with the group and instructs members to write to his office instead.

Indivisible is a nationwide liberal community group that aims to "elect progressive leaders, realize bold progressive policies, rebuild our democracy, and defeat the Trump agenda," according to its website.

Hagedorn, a staunch support of President Donald Trump, maintained he will stand his ground on issues like immigration, border security and 2nd Amendment rights.

“My district office is not a campaign office. It is a government office, tasked with doing the work of the people. That work cannot be efficiently and effectively performed when a very small, very vocal group demands a wholly disproportionate amount of the people’s time," Hagedorn writes of group’s visits.

According to MPR, a Hagedorn spokesperson has stated this policy applies to any Indivisible group in the 1st Congressional District.

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In a statement posted on Facebook, the St. Peter/Greater Mankato Indivisible group states no member told a Hagedorn staff member the group was being intentionally disruptive. It states members typically visit the office for 15 to 20 minutes every week, although recent visits have taken longer due to high constituent turnout.

“Congressman Hagedorn has the duty to represent all people in Minnesota’s First District, even those he disagrees with," said Jennifer Andrashko, a First District constituent, in the statement.

"While we were appreciative of the Congressman’s staff making the time to listen to our concerns up to this point, we are deeply disappointed in Congressman Hagedorn’s false accusation and his using this as a justification to shut out constituents whose views he disagrees with."

You might remember Indivisible from its work in Minnesota's 3rd District, where it was an outspoken opponent of former Rep. Erik Paulsen, who it criticized regularly for not holding enough town halls prior to his election loss to Democrat Dean Phillips.

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