Rep. Jim Hagedorn under fire for referring to Elizabeth Warren as a 'national socialist'

Hagedorn changed the comment, but not before it had caused a backlash.

Minnesota's 1st District Rep. Jim Hagedorn found himself the subject of scrutiny Tuesday after he wrote a Facebook post referring to Sen. Elizabeth Warren as a "national socialist."

National Socialism is more commonly known as Nazism, with Rep. Hagedorn's remark drawing swift condemnation from the Minnesota DFL.

Hagedorn later edited the post to refer to Warren as a "Democratic socialist," with his spokesman telling the Associated Press he did this so his comment wasn't misconstrued, saying he was referring to Warren's "socialist agenda."

Nonetheless, Minnesota DFL chairman Ken Martin called on Hagedorn to issue an apology.

"It is completely reprehensible that Congressman Hagedorn would refer to a sitting United States Senator as a Nazi. If Hagedorn has an ounce of respect for the office he holds, he will immediately retract that statement and issue a full apology to Senator Warren and the people of the first district," he said.

"Minnesotans won’t always agree with our representatives, but we expect them to be decent human beings. Time and time again, Jim Hagedorn has failed to meet that low bar."

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Hagedorn has generated headlines a few times in recent months. 

At a town hall earlier in September, Hagedorn drew audible gasps from some members of the crowd when asked about the link between the proliferation of guns and suicide, and he said: "I don't believe in suicide. I think it's terrible. My religious background tells me if you kill yourself, you go to hell. It's a bad thing."

He also suffered a backlash in July when he said of immigrants being held in cages on the southern U.S. border: "The people there, they can leave. Nobody is holding them against their will."

And later that month his office said it would no longer meet with the liberal group St. Peter/Mankato Indivisible, saying the group was taking up a disproportionate amount of staff time.

Hagedorn narrowly won the 1st District in 2018, beating Democrat Dan Feehan by just 0.4 percent in the district vacated by now Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz.

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