Report: 2 missing WI teens possibly in Minneapolis

The pair, from Osceola, haven't been seen since Friday.
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The disappearance of two Wisconsin teens this weekend has authorities on alert throughout the region.

Joshua Langeback-Cross and Lanaya R. Wistrom, both of Osceola and 15 years old, were last seen "on foot" on Friday.

Langeback-Cross is said to be wearing grey athletic pants and a "GOAT" shirt, while Wistrom is wearing "black leggings and a grey tank top" along with a sweater of unknown color, the Polk County Sheriff's Department says:

Joshua is also carrying a red backpack, the release says. 

There are no other details regarding their disappearance; however, a Facebook user identifying herself as Lanaya's cousin says Joshua's phone was pinged in Minnesota "near the stadium":

The Star Tribune reports this is Minneapolis. 

Anyone with information on the teens' whereabouts is asked to contact 715-485-8300.


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