Report: President Trump set to pay a visit to Minnesota

It's one of four 'battleground' election states he's planning on visiting.
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President Donald Trump is reportedly planning campaign visits to four battleground states next week, including Minnesota.

That's according to NBC News political reporter Monica Alba, who says that the president will make several "counter-programming" trips during the Democratic National Convention, which will be held virtually next week.

The target states he's said to be heading to include Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

His visit to Minnesota has not been officially confirmed, nor is it clear whether it will be a campaign event or an official White House event.

But Alba reports that the current plan is for Trump to visit Minnesota and Wisconsin on Monday.

A poll by Emerson College pegged the president as being 3 point behind Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Minnesota, within the margin of error, though other recent polls – including one by Fox News – gave Biden a much larger lead.

Trump lost Minnesota in 2016 by a margin of 1.5 percent to Hillary Clinton, and has set it as one of his pickup targets in 2020.

The president was last in Minnesota in October 2019, when he held a rally at Target Center in Minneapolis.

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