911 services being restored across Minnesota

Multiple law enforcement agencies have said they are experiencing issues.
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Law enforcements agencies and city officials are now reporting that 911 services are being restored across the state.

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There are reports of widespread 911 outages across Minnesota.

Multiple police and sheriff's departments are reporting via their social media accounts that calls to 911 aren't going through, urging people to call non-emergency numbers instead.

The Minnetonka Police Department notes that texts to 911 still work.

The City of Edina has tweeted that the 911 outage is due to an issue with CenturyLink that is affecting the entire state.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Emergency Communication Networks said: "Emergency Communication Networks is aware of the reports of 911 outages in several counties across the state.

"We are in contact with the 911 provider, who is looking into what may be causing the problem."

The outage is also affecting the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office and Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport.

Other agencies reporting the outages include Washington County Sheriff,, Eagan Police, North Branch Police, West. St. Paul Police, and the Sherburne County Sheriff.

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