Rescued pitbull suspected of being used in dog fighting ring

The dog is on the road to recovery thanks to a nearby animal shelter.
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Staff at an animal shelter think that a pitbull found severely wounded in Minnesota was being used for dog fighting.

The pooch, named Ritzie by the Gregory's Gift of Hope shelter in New Richmond, Wisconsin, was suffering from several fresh wounds when she was found earlier this month in Afton.

Ritzie was brought to an animal hospital in an emaciated condition, presenting with bite wounds covering her face, ears, neck, front legs and chest.

She's now thankfully on the road to recovery, with Gregory's Gift noting in an update last week that her wounds are healing, albeit some of them still require daily attention.

"This abused and tattered little soul has already shown us what a sweet girl she is," it noted, adding: "She is very apprehensive, and she should be, that she trusts at this point is truly amazing."

FOX 9 reports she was initially rescued by two Afton residents who found her wandering their land. The Washington County Sheriff's Office has launched an investigation into Ritzie's treatment.

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Gregory's Gift believe her severe wounds are consistent with being involved in dog fighting.

"Ritzie is the aftermath of what people seem to think is a quick buck and a sport - dog fighting," Gregory's Gift wrote on Facebook. "It is no such thing, it is the torture and suffering of an animal, it is animal cruelty at its worst."

The animal home is raising money to help pay for Ritzie's care. You can find more information about this here.

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