Restaurant owner accused of sexually assaulting underage employee

The Lake City Family Restaurant owner is charged with 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct.
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The owner of a restaurant in Lake City, Minnesota has been charged with sexually assaulting one of his employees, who is underage.

A complaint has been made against Enver Iseini, 50, who is the owner of the Lake City Family Restaurant and has subsequently been charged with 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct.

The alleged victim is a 17-year-old girl who worked at his restaurant, who told police she'd been sexually assaulted by her boss while she was at his house.

The victim is friend's with Iseini's daughter, but on July 30 she was alone in house with the 50-year-old, who stated "he wanted to have sex with her," according to a criminal complaint.

Although she said she didn't think that was right, he kept pushing and then took her pants and underwear off, before taking his own off.

He then allegedly sexually assaulted her, with the victim telling police "she was very scared and did not want him to get mad at her."

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She told police that in the days before and after the result, "Iseini had become increasingly possessive of her."

"He would call at random hours and text angry and vulgar language at her if she did not do what he asked," the complaint notes.

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