Rochester elementary students evacuated over fears of roof collapse

Heavy snow has caused several collapses across Minnesota and Wisconsin the past few days.
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snow on roof

Students at an elementary school in Rochester have been sent home early because the roof of the building is at risk of collapsing due to heavy snow.

ABC 6 news reports that Gage Elementary School students were dismissed at noon because officials have structural concerns with the roof.

Rochester received about a foot of snow over the weekend, while strong winds created heavy drifts across the southern Minnesota.

It's putting a strain on parts A and B of the building's roof, KTTC reports.

On Monday, students were let out of Bagley Elementary School in northern Minnesota two hours early because of a "structural issue," with officials taking the step "as a safety precaution for the kids."

There have been several roof collapses reported across Minnesota and Wisconsin since the weekend, including at the historic Zumbrota Covered Bridge.

This story will be updated as more information is released.

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