Rochester mayor seeking support for increased mask mandate

Masks will soon be required at city facilities.
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There's a renewed push to increase mask-wearing in Rochester as the country sees a summer spike in COVID-19. 

On Saturday, Mayor Kim Norton signed an amendment to the city's existing coronavirus Emergency Declaration, requiring that masks be worn at all city facilities. 

According to an official press release, Norton will ask the city council to "provide support" for the amendment on Monday.

In her announcement, Norton also called on more people to adopt the use of face coverings as a way to combat the virus.

"I hope community members begin to or resume wearing face coverings," she said, adding that "businesses also have an opportunity to support this by making face coverings a requirement."

"If COVID-19 cases increase, I fear the state will need to turn the dial back, which is in the opposite direction of what we need to reenergize our economy and enjoy time with family and friends.”

According to Med City Beat, the city is also reviewing its options for requiring masks to be worn in indoor public spaces and commercial properties.

Norton told the publication via email that she would be "willing to add a citywide" mask mandate, though she's unsure whether she'd have the votes — as such a mandate would need to be approved by a majority of the council.

Norton's move comes a day after the Minnesota Medical Association called on state leaders to make masks mandatory

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