Roofer killed co-worker with circular saw after being mocked, charges say

The bloody incident happened in Wisconsin near the Minnesota border.
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Miguel Navarro

The roofer accused of killing a co-worker by slashing him with a circular saw said he was being mocked for saying he wasn't feeling well after having sex.

Miguel Navarro, 24, of St. Louis, allegedly attacked Israel Valles-Flores, 37, also of St. Louis, with the saw on the roof of a home near River Falls, western Wisconsin, on Monday.

He has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide and mayhem in Pierce County.

The criminal complaint against Navarro reveals that during a recorded jail call, Navarro said he was being mocked by other workers – including Valles-Flores – because he wasn't feeling well after having sex.

He said "he was getting really mad inside" but didn't voice that anger to his co-workers.

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Instead, when Valles-Flores handed the circular saw to Navarro, he immediately cut him with it, with the 37-year-old falling from the roof onto a garage roof below.

Navarro also suggested he thought he was being drugged to work more, and was not getting paid.

Valles-Flores suffered substantial injuries to his neck, face and back, with the jugular vein and carotid artery in his neck both cut.

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