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Roofs collapse at State Fair cattle barn, Shakopee Super 8

Melting snow has been putting strain on roofs in recent days.
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Heavy rain falling onto the Twin Cities' snowpack led to two notable roof collapses on Tuesday evening.

At around 6:15 p.m., part of the southeast corner of the roof of the Cattle Barn at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds collapsed under the weight of snow.

The Minnesota State Fair says that snow slipped from a higher section of the roof and landed on a lower section of the Judson Avenue building, causing part of the roof and brick wall to collapse.

The 1920 building was being used for storage at the time and no people or animals were hurt in the collapse, though debris did land on some food trailers being kept inside.

"The rest of the building remains structurally sound," the State Fair said, with the extent of the damage to the contents of the building expected to be determined over the coming days.

Another roof collapse impacted the Super 8 Motel in Shakopee.

Shakopee Fire Department says the roof over the pool collapsed at the hotel at 581 S Marschall Rd1.

It had been reported earlier in the day that the roof had been seen sagging, with the pool shut down as a precaution before it collapsed.

Hotel guests had to be evacuated and taken to alternative lodgings as contractors assessed the building for any additional risks of roof collapse.

It comes a few days after the roof over the pool at the Holiday Inn Express in Winona, Minnesota, suffered a similar collapse.

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