Rope 'resembling noose' found in Black firefighter's locker

A similar discovery sparked major controversy in NASCAR recently.

An investigation is underway in Bloomington after a piece of rope "resembling a noose" was found in the locker of a Black firefighter.

The discovery was made at a Bloomington Fire Station on June 15 and was reported to leadership on June 23, with the City of Bloomington saying it's asked the FBI to investigate.

"A piece of rope tied into what appears to be a crude noose was discovered in the gear locker of a Black firefighter," the city said.

"Acts like this that embody hate, intimidation, and aggression will not be tolerated," said Fire Chief Ulie Seal.

"The firefighter who brought this to our attention has demonstrated extreme strength and bravery and has done the right thing."

Anyone with information is asked to call the FBI Minneapolis Field Office at 763-569-8000. The city will provide any more information it has by 3 p.m. Monday.

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"I am disgusted, angry, and embarrassed by this cowardly act. To be clear, this incident is very serious and is being dealt with aggressively," Mayor Tim Busse wrote.

"The City of Bloomington, including the Fire Department, is committed to being a safe and respectful place to work for all employees. We will not tolerate or, in any way, condone such behavior. The City has a strict workplace policy that forbids all types of discriminatory and disrespectful behavior."

The discovery was made six days before a pull rope tied like a noose was discovered in the garage used by NASCAR racer Bubba Wallace, sparking a major controversy. An investigation determined that the rope had been there for several months, but no other garage stalls had ropes tied like nooses.

Note: Details provided in this story are based on the city's latest version of events, and may be subject to change.

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