Salmonella outbreak linked to chicken from church-run pop-up pantries in Minnesota and Wisconsin

There's nothing wrong with the chicken – it's just that people have been eating it uncooked.
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A salmonella alert has been issued in Minnesota and Wisconsin after at least four people were sickened after consuming frozen breaded chicken from a faith-based pop-up.

Guidance was issued by the Minnesota Department of Health after at least one Minnesotan and three Wisconsinites were sickened after consuming the chicken they'd got from Ruby's Pantry.

The frozen chicken wasn't contaminated, but the problem was that it was sold breaded and didn't have any labels on warning buyers that the chicken was uncooked.

As a result, some people ate the chicken before it was fully cooked, when the meat needs to have an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit before it's safe.

Ruby's Pantry said as many as three Minnesotans got sick from the chicken, though the MDH only confirmed one of these.

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"This chicken was recently distributed through a number of Ruby’s Pop-Up Pantries in Minnesota and Wisconsin," the organization said on its website.

"The chicken is perfectly good; however, some did not cook it fully, assuming it was precooked and that they could simply heat it in the microwave for a short time.

"We’ve had three people in northern Wisconsin, one person in east-central Minnesota and two people in northwestern Minnesota who were affected by this and became ill."

Ruby's Pantry has 12 pop-up locations across Minnesota and 13 in Wisconsin.

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