Salvation Army kettle stolen from Maplewood market on Christmas

The owners woke up to a smash-and-grab robbery on Christmas Day.
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A very uncharitable act was committed over the Christmas holiday at Borchert's Meat Market in Maplewood – the theft of a Salvation Army red kettle.

This is the second red kettle theft in Maplewood this holiday season, with the other happening at a Pizza Ranch last weekend.

According to a Facebook post from Borchert's, the owners discovered early on Christmas Day that someone had broken through the front door and taken the Salvation Army kettle from their counter:

The Borchert family tells KSTP that the kettle was "fairly full" because "we'd been collecting for a few weeks."

Dave Borchert also told the station that surveillance cameras caught the whole thing, and showed the suspect "repeatedly banging a concrete slab into the door" and kicking it in until there was a "hole large enough to crawl through."

According to Kare 11, Maplewood police are "reviewing the security footage as a part of the investigation" but have yet to make an arrest. 

The station says the Borcherts were able to get their front door fixed and the glass replaced by Wednesday morning, but "at a cost of $400."

Unfortunately, red kettle theft is all too common. There have been recent cases in Blaine and Rogers, and a quick Google search of "red kettle theft" reveals reports from all over the country. (Rates of such crimes aren't clear, as the Salvation Army doesn't seem to keep statistics on them.)

Anyone with information on the Maplewood theft should contact the local police department at (651) 777-8191.

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