Sarah Silverman says Al Franken was 'bullied' into resigning

The comedian is a long-time friend of Minnesota's former senator.
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Al Franken's friend and fellow Saturday Night Live alum Sarah Silverman came to the former Minnesota senator's defense in an interview with GQ.

The comedian was asked about Franken's resignation after allegations that he'd touched the butt of several women as he posed for photos with them.

Along with a picture showing Franken pretend to grope radio host Leann Tweeden – with Tweeden also claiming he forced a kiss on her – these allegations were enough to prompt Franken's resignation in December.

Franken has said some allegations "are simply not true, others I remember very differently" and he'd intended to await the results of a Senate ethics committee investigation before making a decision. He resigned, however, after more than 20 of his fellow Democratic senators called for him to step down.

His resignation didn't sit well with Silverman, who has known Franken since meeting him on SNL in 1993.

"I'm so sad that he got bullied into resigning, because all he loved in this world was being a senator and representing the people of Minnesota," she told GQ. "I've never met a more pure person."

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While admitting her own bias as she's friends with him, she described Franken as having "no sexuality," and that she believes "in my heart of heart of hearts he never copped a feel."

"On the show, you saw him kiss me on the lips. There is nothing sexual about it. He's a Jewish grandpa. He gives you big, Jewish, wet-lipped kisses," she said.

"This is a guy whose passion was serving people and making the world a better place. There's a lot of baby-in-bathwater stuff, I think."

She says the Tweeden sketch was "not funny," but "innocuous," and adds that the reason she believes of his overall innocence is because of his devotion to his wife, Franni.

"He may have touched some sideboob by accident, or a tush by accident, but I'm telling you, Franni is his best friend and constant companion, and he has eyes for no one else," Silverman said, describing the pair as "devastated" over what happened.

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