Sauk Rapids releases 2 volunteer firefighters over offensive comments on protests

Both the firefighters made comments or shared posts suggesting protesters should be killed.
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Two volunteer firefighters in Sauk Rapids have been released after it emerged they shared offensive comments about the ongoing George Floyd protests in the Twin Cities.

The City of Sauk Rapids issued a press release confirming the pair had been released after they became aware of "troubling comments on social media regarding the protests taking place following the tragic death of George Floyd.

"The individuals who posted these comments are no longer associated with the city's volunteer fire department," it said.

The move came just hours after community group UniteCloud shared screenshots of social media posts made by the two firefighters.

Both of them made posts relating to the incident on I-35W in Minneapolis when a tanker truck driver almost plowed into a crowd of protesters, with authorities saying on Monday he apparently did so inadvertently.

One of the firefighters shared an image of a semi-trailer with blood spattered on the hood, with the meme saying: "Just drove through Minneapolis. Didn't see any protesters."

Meanwhile, the other made a comment on a thread in which he said: "The best thing would be to get the truck driver out and blow up the tanker kill all those worthless people."

When someone questioned their comment by saying "everyone has worth," he responded: "Not them gotta drop a few with some bullets. Then I guarantee they think twice about looting and destroying stuff."

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