Say what? Mountain lion spotted in Chaska?

There was a report of a cougar sighting in Edina just last week.
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Remember the story from a few weeks ago when a bear wandered into Chaska, prompting the police chief to say it was the first bear he can remember coming into the town in 43 years on the job?

Well, we'll just go out on a limb and say that today's report of a mountain lion roaming around Chaska is also a first for the police chief. And no, we're not joking

The Jonathan area of Chaska is a homeowners' association on the north side of town. 

At first blush, this seems like a silly prank considering there was a report of a cougar spotted at an Edina park last Thursday – a report that we tracked closely and confirmed with Edina Police Department's animal control officer that it was more than likely a bobcat

But get this... 

Earlier this year, back in March, a man in New Ulm thought he recorded what he thought was a mountain lion roaming around near his trail camera. 

Could this be the same wild cat in Chaska? 

We have no idea, but here's some advice from the DNR. 

"What's helpful to us is if after somebody gets a photograph on a trail camera of a mountain lion," Joe Stangel of the DNR told KEYC. "If you can go out and put something that has scale or show us other photos from that same vantage point. Scale makes a big difference in helping us determine the size of the animal."

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